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Digital X-Rays with Our Dentists in Fort Collins, CO
Digital dental X-rays at Shore's - Dentists in Fort Collins, CO are highly beneficial and widely used for diagnosing dental problems. (For example... If it's necessary to remove your wisdom teeth). There are mainly two types; intraoral and extraoral. The former is used for taking images pertaining to the teeth and inside of the mouth, while the latter is used for taking outside mouth images pertaining to the development and structure.

Intraoral X-rays
An intraoral X-ray is more common and it helps dentists find dental carries (cavities) by checking the overall health of the root, bones surrounding it, status of developing teeth, general health of jawbone and teeth, etc. Our dentists in Fort Collins, CO can use different types of intraoral X-rays. These methods are used for diagnosing various ailments relating to teeth and jaws, including cavities, gum disease, decay, etc.

Extraoral X-rays
This method is used for taking images of the jaw and surrounding areas. It cannot be used for finding cavities or identifying other problems specific to the teeth. Instead, this is beneficial for monitoring the development and growth of jaw, and identifying potential problems between the jaw and teeth. Our dentists in Fort Collins, CO can use different types of extraoral X-rays for finding problems in the mouth. They are panoramic X-rays, tomograms, cephalometric projections, sialography, and computerized tomography.

Digital X-Rays
With the introduction of modern technologies and with the advancements of science, dental technology has improved greatly. These advanced technological developments in the dental industry are beneficial for patients that want painless, quick dental treatments. Digital X-rays are one of these modern techniques and they are safer and more convenient. Emission of radiation is very high in traditional dental X-rays and it increases the risks of exposure to radiation. It also takes more time for the development of X-ray film. Digital X-rays solve all the problems associated with traditional X-rays. As dentists in Fort Collins, CO we've put together a list of benefits.

Benefits of Digital X-rays
  • The physical process involved in digital dental X-ray is similar to that of traditional ones. In order to capture the images of your teeth, the dentist inserts a sensor in your mouth. This sensor is electronic and it is connected to a computer. After taking an X-ray, the dentist projects the image on a screen.
  • Less radiation is the major benefit of digital radiography. Compared to traditional dental X-rays, digital radiation procedure needs around 90% less radiation for taking X-rays. Therefore, this modern method is relatively safe and an excellent option for those who need to take X-rays frequently.
  • Taking less time is the other important benefit of digital radiography. Developing X-ray film is a time intensive procedure and if you use digital technology, there is no waiting until film is developed. The sensor used in digital X-ray is able to develop images almost instantly.
  • The image quality of digital radiography is also very high and the color, contrast, and brightness can also be adjusted once it appears on the screen. You can even print out a hard copy of the X-ray, if needed. Highly beneficial for the environment because it does not use any chemicals for film development. There is no need of wasting space for a darkroom to develop film and there is also no need for a store room.
Digital dental X-rays are helpful for diagnosing all types of dental problems very easily. The dentist can compare the current image with previous ones with the help of additional software programs, like subtraction radiography. This is highly effective for finding out even the smallest changes in the structure of the tooth or teeth. The dentists can also find out lots of minor dental problems by using digital X-rays, which was not possible in the past. Our dentists in Fort Collins, CO at Shore's Family Dentistry will be more than happy to answer all of your digital X-ray questions.

Digital Dental X-Rays
Digital x-ray image

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