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The Importance of Good Dental Hygiene From Our Dentists in Fort Collins at Shores

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As dentists in Fort Collins we understand that dental hygiene is definitely not something you should ever take for granted because your teeth will only stay healthy if you take good care of them. While you may mean well when it comes to taking care of your teeth, the truth is that care has a tendency to go by the wayside when life comes into play. Sure, you plan to brush your teeth before you go to bed, but because you are tired you decide to just wash your mouth out and call it a night. The fact is, the more that you ignore doing what you need to do to keep your teeth healthy, the bigger risk you run of serious issues coming up in the future like gum disease (Gingivitis). As dentists in Fort Collins we know you definitely don't want those issues.

First things first: Flossing really does make a difference. You know how our dentists and dental hygienists at Shores Family Dentistry talk about how you need to floss at least once a day? We're not just saying it to make conversation. Flossing doesn't just get rid of those bits of food that are stuck between your teeth, but it also helps keep your gums and teeth clean. It's something that is vitally important to your dental hygiene. Plus, something that you need to make sure that you actually do every day.

The second thing that you need to make sure you do is take at least two minutes to brush your teeth twice a day. Simply sitting back and running the brush over your teeth a couple of times won't do much. You need to actually carve two minutes out of your morning and evening schedule to methodically brush your teeth. Make sure that you cover your entire mouth and don't just give up after 30 seconds. Many of the electric tooth brushes that are now out have 2 minute timers built in to them. All dentists in Fort Collins can agree on the 2 minute subject.

Finally, you need to make sure that you get a high quality mouth wash to finish up your brushing experience. Save money on dental care in the long run and make sure that you spend your money on something that will actually give your teeth and gums what they need. Do a bit of research and ask your dentist which would be best to use. A great mouth wash is something that you need for your dental hygiene needs. Putting a strong emphasis on these 3 categories is a good reason why many of our patients feel we are the best dentists in Fort Collins.


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